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Discover The Joys Of Healthy Eating
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For Automated Fat Loss
It's True. In As Little As 21 Days You Can Devise Your Own Approach To GUILT FREE EATING And Quickly Begin To Enjoy Every Meal When You Realize That Your Weight Loss Issues Have Become A Thing Of The Past!

I have written before on the topic of healthy eating, but never to the detailed extent found in this book. All of the truly important facts about this subject have been distilled and presented in a format that will make it easy for you to get started on what might otherwise be a fairly challenging process. Afterall, you have probably learned a lifetime's worth of bad eating habits that can be difficult to break. But break them you will, by the time you have finished reading 21 Days To Healthy Eating and begun putting the ideas into practice.

This Is What You Will Find Inside
21 Days To Healthy Eating. . .

  • Chapter One
    This is where you discover that the old maxim You Are What You Eat is not only true, it is frightening in the context of today's appallingly low food quality. If we are what we eat, then the bodies of most of us are almost entirely made out of corn. I kid you not.

    In this chapter you will be introduced to the scope of the challenge that faces you today whenever you turn to "food" as a means to quell your hunger. It sure looks like food. But is it? What are the consequences of building our bodies from the cheap foodstuffs that mimic the real thing?

    You will learn why dieting is a fundamentally misguided approach to sustained weight loss, and why you will continue to be a slave to your hunger and food cravings if you do not cease chasing the fantasy of the miracle diet.

  • Chapter Two
    Would you be surprised to learn that the total calorie count of the food you are eating is not the only thing that is making you fat? It is true. There is another component to your food that nobody is talking about which is also making you fat. If you remain ignorant of this one fat loss factor your attempts to drop body weight will always stall, no matter how hard you try. Eliminate this component from your food, and then you will be able to watch the pounds come off.

  • Chapter Three
    This is the core of the book - an introduction to the concept of clean eating. This is the solution to the problem exposed in Chapter Two, and is the key to easy body weight control. You are going to learn how an adherence to clean eating is the guiding principle by which you will be able to decide how to prepare your meals for the greatest long term health benefits.

    But do not worry - clean eating is not an all or nothing approach that will have you falling off the healthy eating wagon after a month. Rather, it is a sensible approach to nutrition that has as its main benefit the stabilization of your blood sugar levels. This one change can mean the difference between a life of constant health struggles, and a life that makes enjoyment of everyday activities possible again.

  • Chapter Four
    Prepare to take control of your shopping cart as we work to eliminate the most harmful foods from your pantry. Simply knowing how to analyze a food ingredient label will set you on course for more healthy food choices and have you wondering why you did not notice the warnings earlier.

    In short, the presence of a food label is the number one indicator that the food you are holding on your hand should probably not go into your shopping cart. This is not an absolute rule, and you will learn how to sail the murky waters of food ingredient terminology. You will know what to avoid, and why you are doing so.

  • Chapter Five
    Now it is time to begin using our newfound knowledge of natural and processed foods to make decisions on how to select the foods that best suit our goals for maintaining a healthy body weight. If you need to lose a few pounds, you will learn the best approach to doing that in the kitchen. You will be introduced to the concept of a "balanced meal" and appreciate the role of each of the food types that go into creating a balanced meal.

    All food is currency of one type or another to your body. If you get the balance wrong, your body suffers in the short term, and your health deteriorates long term. Balance is the key to longevity. This chapter ends with some examples of meals that have been balanced according to the framework provided.

  • Chapter Six
    Now that we have mastered food selection we can start to build meals that solve the problems that others fall prey to using the unguided approach to meal preparation. This will introduce you to a completely NEW way of looking at when to eat, and how much to eat.

    I am going to tell you to toss out the three square meals a day philosophy that you grew up with and replace it with an eating pattern that quells hunger, stabilizes blood sugar, and stifles the urge to overeat. Do not worry, this is less radical than it sounds. More importantly, it works!

  • Chapter Seven
    The haphazard approach to anything in life tends to lead to unpredictable results. So this is where I teach you how to plan your meals for best weight loss results. If you want to see the pounds peel off consistently, you will benefit from the methodical approach taught here.

    I will show you how to optimize your chances for sustained success by adopting habits that virtually guarantee you never go astray for more than the period of a single meal. You will be introduced to quantitative measures of success, such as calorie counting, and see how they can be used, at least initially, to guide you. You will also learn the importance of measuring body composition in the fat loss war.

  • Chapter Eight
    This is the section of the book where we dedicate the first 7 days of our 21 Days To Healthy Eating looking at how breakfast can be restructured to fit in with our new rules for eating. You will learn how to track your food intake for the short term, until such time as your new eating pattern has been established and you follow it automatically. We end the chapter with some example breakfast meals that satisfy our goals.

  • Chapters Nine & Ten
    I continue to slice and dice both lunch and dinner meals for you so that you can do likewise. These two chapters cover the remaining two-thirds of our 21 day plan to restructure your meals and bring you into the healthy eating fold. You will be given a ton of ideas for recipes to use right from the pages of the book.

  • Chapter Eleven
    It's not easy being green. Or eating clean. At least, not all the time. So in this chapter I address the challenges associated with eating clean and present you with a few tips to help you keep on track.

    Let's face it, trying to avoid processed food is almost as challenging as trying to ignore noise pollution. It comes at you from every direction, and you are going to have to be on your toes for much of the time if you are to stay ahead of the curve. But it is doable, and I will show you how.

  • Chapter Twelve
    Finally, in the last chapter we take a quick look at the other major factor that determines how your health progresses as you age. I would be remiss if I did not at least point you in the right direction, and what I am talking about is, of course, physical exercise, and it is a key element to any successful fat loss strategy. If you are hoping that by eating healthy you will get better control over your body weight, you will do so. But to get the best results you cannot ignore the role of physical activity. I will tell you how to get those results from exercise in the shortest amount of time.

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